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With 40+ years in insurance, Xodus is your compass in travel.

Disrupting the Status Quo

Established to disrupt the traditional landscape of Canadian travel insurance. By collaborating with leading innovative firms, we put the consumer in control of their journey.

End the Wait, Start the Change

The way travel insurance is managed in Canada needs an overhaul. Don't wait for better, Xodus brings the solution. Join us on a journey to extraordinary travel insurance.

Forward-thinking Insurance

Travel has evolved, it's time your travel insurance did too. Xodus is streamlining the industry, making it smarter and simpler with state-of-the-art technology.

Take Control of Your Policy

Say goodbye to tedious on-hold music. Xodus hands the reins back to you, enabling policy updates, extensions, and document management at the click of a button.

Pack your bags, leave the worries to us, and embrace your adventure.

Xodus and Ancileo Join Forces to Propel the Canadian Travel Insurance Market into a New Era

Windsor, Ontario — Xodus Travel Services Inc, founded with the goal of transforming the Canadian travel insurance sector post global pandemic, and Ancileo, a highly specialized provider of customized digital travel insurance solutions, have announced a strategic partnership that promises to reshape the landscape of travel insurance offerings in Canada.

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